New Moon, New Everyone?

New moon, New me! You’ve seen that around a few times by now and have wondered just what is everyone on about?!

Me too. So I found out. (Bear with my Lunar Lads and Lass Pro’s).

To sum up without losing even myself in this article, here’s what I’ve gathered so far.

The New Moon phase is when the Earth, Moon, and Sun are all in alignment. Now you may have heard of (or mastered) the concept that people (moods for one example) affected by the planets.

This essentially comes with the energy that is being given off during that time. Our body’s energy aligns with the planets, and much like the radio stations you totally forgot existed until now, energy that is being emitted at this time (by anyone or by anything) is tuned with its own natural frequency (except instead of hearing music, you can act, feel, even look different. Your life may even start to change around you too.

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The moon is associated with our internal reality.

Hidden emotions.Dreams.Worries.Fears.You get it.

The New Moon being associated with new beginnings. The moon repeats a cycle, over & over. As the moon goes through its phases, similarly, we go through energetic phases, along with a few other factors 😉 .

The New Moon represents the fact that we always have a second chance. The idea that a ‘new beginning’ can be yours at any time.

But guess what the real kicker is, you can chose this one?!

Yup. Now it’s all a little deeper than that and in reality will take decision making and work on your part.

But hey, isn’t that what you’re doing right now ?

That being said though, if things have gone a little stale for you, the good news is all you have to do is have good intentions, and maybe a bit of an open mind.

There are countless resources on rituals you can do, and I encourage you to even give them a try.

I know I will be following up with my findings.

But if you want something a little more. Less ritually. Then there’s good news.

Because what this really means.

No matter what the new is.

Is that subconsciously you should find yourself naturally more motivated or even inspired. You might be thinking of a career change you have no experience in like me, tackling a new project, or even establishing new relationships.

The time is now!

Personally, I can definitely notice major shifts in all major aspects of my life and all for the better and I must say I used to be a skeptic in planetary involvement & people’s emotions, but ever since the mercury retrograde (Woop! Geminis ruling planet and boy did I feel it) so much to the point I almost have to now.

But this is all new for me.

Stay tuned to my blog for more in relation to how external things might be affecting you, my thoughts, trials and tribulations.

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Article Written by Jessica Bell

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