‘Can’ Other Cultures Wear A Headress?

Let me start off with a disclaimer I guess.

My intentions are always positive ✌️

What got me to do the research and make this article is I was wondering for a while.

Please realize my blog is called bellsbrashbanter. But don’t worry I’m not here to bash anyone.

Okay so I’ve been wondering for a while now if I wore a scarf kind of more in the way of how people see East Indian women wear them if they would think it’s offensive. I love so much about the culture including the music and clothes, but I’ve always wondered if it would be taken the wrong way if the listened to Indian music or wore my scarf like that

But I’m Canadian okay. It’s fucking cold where I live.

Not to mention I love my scarves but I find wearing them that traditional North Americanized way isn’t conventional. Most of the time it completes the outfit don’t get me wrong. But I find there’s something about the way I feel when wearing them ‘indian style’ (again please no hate). I feel more confident and comfortable.

So I tried it out. Did the research.

And from what I can tell. It may be in different aspects of different religions but it hasn’t really been like big mandatory symbolic gesture.

For the most part it’s a sign of modesty, and respect.

Covering up the body with exception of the face and hands below the wrists to all other men apart from a woman’s husband is a sign of respect. For many can also be a comfort thing. Know any guys (or gals I’m one of them) who is always a hat?

Well their kind of like adult security blankets for some people. Many people, as an example (just because I maybe know a couple examples I’m not stereotyping yet again) men I find that wear hats & hoods together compulsively tend to be more anxious, repressed, possibly a little scarred.

Many say they feel more confident, secure and comfortable. Part of the idea is to (again loosley) take away the temptation.

Kind of like your high school principal and shoulders. If you where at my school anyways.

Less distraction and keeps a man’s mind focused on what its supposed to be.

I got overwhelmingly positive responses.

I’m going to redo this experiment a little more officially but people liked it.

I used to live and work in a pretty divey place and this was the first place I wore it and the responses where surprisingly good. Since I naturally am more modest and have a pretty good…judge of character we’ll call it, so naturally it causes a bit discomfort (wondering if you’re too revealing accidentally, wondering if the back of my hairs all fucked up, jumping to conclusions from me.)

But when I went out head suited up (sorry HIMYM Fan) I felt comfortable, not having to constantly worry was a nice change of pace and I kinda felt prettier tbh.

Walking around and going to the store though.

I kind of got weird looks.

Where I live is colder than Mars and I’m being silently judged for covering my face.

Yeah, but again that’s just the nature of my city.

Scarves are supposed to cover your face.

Tell ya one thing, with the fabric blocking me in from the wind I was a fuck of a lot warmer without looking like I’m Ralph from A Christmas Story.

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