Canada Isnt Prepared for Security Measures

So there was an Amber Alert in Canada last night.
It unfortunately, ended up being very serious. While that has been dealt with, it brought up another issue.

Apparently if you’re in Canadian and there is an Amber Alert (missing child reported) and you have a newer cell phone plan, your phone will go off (not exactly every phone some areas don’t get affected if it’s not within a proximity). Now it is a really good idea. But if you think about it. It was Valentine’s Day yesterday, majority of the public was out.

Apparently this law has been in affect since April 6, 2018, so why was it a big surprise when 10,000 phones all went off at the same time in just my city alone last night.

Now to their credit, they have an agreement in place where the cell phones will only broadcast messages that are life threatening, which honestly, it led to finding a deceased child within the same day it was reported, so I think this is a good feature.

However reports all over media of people saying it was defaneningly loud if you where in public, and majority of Canada was out n about last night. Now that’s not the concern (yes it has its place with people with hearing sensitivity and animals but it’s for the over all good).

The thing I’m concerned about is that apparently nobody knew this. A few people who maybe got their phones in 2018 have experienced it before, but for the most part, with it being so new it came to a surprise. Now I got my phone and contract December 2018, so how come the update of this law isn’t explained to people so they know about it?

As a result an influx of calls flooding 911 asking if there’s a bomb threat, fires, people thought their phones got hacked. It was fucking chaos. Now I remember when my tv did that for the first time as a kid I was (3) and kinda amazed, though I didn’t understand what went on I understood the urgency, so again I’m not against this technology, I’m against the fact that it bogged down 911 lines, preventing real emergencies to be answered after concerned questions they should’ve been calling their cellphone providers.

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