People really have a hard time letting go I’ve noticed.

How many of you has something that looks like this?

Maybe it’s not a junk drawer, it’s old consoles you mean to sell, wrapping paper you save, maybe it’s something you might consider a collection but no one else does.

I’ll admit I used to be a pack rat. My parents intervened before I could’ve been a hoarder thank God but as a kid I didn’t throw anything out. Which is funny because at 23 I waste no time throwing out a forgotten Tupperware container. Even now, (45 address changes later mind you!!)I find it hard to truly de-clutter/down size.

I always wondered if there was any truth to the claim that cleaning, purging (your wardrobe) and downsizing the crap is some sort of liberating?
There’s actually a decent amount of psychological fact to it. I even out it to the test by getting organized for a couple months myself to see (it’s alot more work, but your life functions so much smoother would be the conclusion.)

Now not everyone who saves boxes and likes knick-knacks is like this of course, however there are some patterns. Look at the kind of things people don’t throw away what is it?

  • Packaging – (guilty!) We tend to hold onto stuff like boxes and bubble wrap incase we ever have to pack it. But realistically is this a day to day concern? I spent the last couple years moving almost last minute almost every time, it was always a scramble for boxes. Now in my more settled adult life I find I have been hanging onto boxes and bubble wrap and even before minimizing kept a lot pre-packed.

You could argue food sense, it does come in handy for things like bonfires, crafts, gift wrapping etc. However, is it worth having a closet full of boxes and paper?

  • The Junk Drawer – (damn near impossible to avoid having I don’t care who you are, if you’re not a proud junk drawer advocate then you know it’s a struggle to keep organized and not just toss those little things and stuff in the end kitchen drawer. You don’t have that much cutlery anyways.

But what’s in the drawer? Typically, parts, maybe tools, bottle openers, maybe shoved in with your Ziploc bags, a quarter deck of cards, dead lighters, bread tags, tape and scissors? Usually things that are associated with fixing, opening, flier collecting even entertaining. Your bits and pieces to keep everything running smoothly.

It’s like subconscious muddle of your kitchen, medicine cabinet, purse, garage if you don’t have one it’s the closest thing you have to it.

But everytime you go in there you mutter about what are all these keys and screws for anyways, I don’t even read fliers blah blah blah. So why do we need it ? I gave myself the challenge of getting rid of it and it was hard, bit if you think about it almost everything in there probably isn’t needed or can go somewhere else /more organized.

  • The Gamer Collection

Now alot of people say this about me because I love my CDs and DVDs! (Now that friends is off of Netflix, you will all thank me!) I also don’t subscribe to Spotify or cable and am a little old school in my ways in that sense.

However I know a lot of people who are meaning to get rid of their old game consoles, cell phones, etc but just can’t . What’s that about? Nostalgia.

You probably have thought about it, meant to, maybe even started the process but then stopped I might still use it. You probably played one or all of them for a few minutes, maybe threw a BeerioKart party. But face it, you’re not going to use them day to day again. You probably need the space and hello!Extra consoles, phones, clothes & shoes even, is money to be made!

I’m not here to say anything negative, my best intentions are always behind everything. If you’re a loud and proud junk drawer advocate own it!

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