Is your place/ water cold? Living condition standards do exist & you should know.

I had alot of issues in the 45 give or take addresses I’ve lived at. When I moved into the new place that was in salvage of the old place failing to meet conditions, I wasn’t so thrilled considering this was the big step up.

I’ve had a few different roles in the rental world. I’ve been caretaker, apartment renter, lived in a hotel, rented out a house, and currently renting a house.

So I have background in the industry a little. Then apart from that, I’ve been in the renovation world a fair amount too, which is slightly relevant. All in all I’m a pretty easy tenant.

When it came to the fact that it was December in Manitoba I just moved in and I had no hot water.

That, I wasn’t so cool about. It took a while getting the situation rectified but we agreed to monitor it for a bit first (in the end to my suspicions, water heater leak, explained why I could do the dishes with hot water but can’t have a bath or decent shower).

Now I didn’t proceed with any legal actions or anything. Like I said I’m really chill and am a do it herselfer, I made due.

But I did find out that maybe a few people don’t have great landlord’s and should be. Because apparently, this is a common problem.

So the above is an example of living standards for my city. As you can see a minimum temperature must be sustained. And let me tell you laws of being canadian, 18 inside when -50 is outside, it’s more like 5.

It poses a great hazard not having hot water, kills less germs, greater chance of cross contamination of things like salmonella if you can’t properly clean after cooking with raw meat.

Other very urgent matters your landlord should be taking seriously

Exterminators being called within a timely Manor

The temperature of your home

Dealing with pests in a timely Manor

Proper notice for suite entry

Again I stress the above is just an example from my cities website. Your city will be different, key words to google with your city are standards of maintenance, living conditions, pest control. I found most cities in Canada where very quick to find similar information, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist.

But of course, be reasonable. As a former landlord. We are busy. We have called. Remember often your landlord is given a window of arrival be patient and understanding.

Bring it up, follow it up in a week. If it’s a bad problem have proof, you may feel annoying but some contractors won’t be in much hurry without any.

If your landlord fails to rectify the situation within a reasonable amount of time (most cities have a required time limit for these kind of circumstances) and if you end up taking them to a tenancy board of sorts, you’ll need it there too.But like I said. Be patient. I was never more exhausted and in demand as when I was a caretaker / landlord, most of them are just trying to do their jobs.

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