Netflix & YouTube mass removing favorite content.

“I don’t need cable I have internet”. That has been the most widely used statement when you as people if they watch TV. For a long time its been pretty valid without a doubt. The internets packed full of anything that’s on cable, more often than not with many copies and variations, it’s great!

But lately, it’s been getting really hard to find the content your looking for. Alot of it is to do with rights, licences and what not but really it’s so they can make you pay for their show via their own app or YouTube channel.

Major Netflix removals include

  • Friends
  • Disney which will lead to
  • Marvel

Many of the most popular shows that we all know and love are being removed. Likely for good.

Letterkenny and South Park are good examples of this. It’s near impossible to find a download of any Letterkenny season and the only YouTube videos of the show are bloopers, interviews, shit you’re not looking for. SouthPark used to be findable on YouTube, a few godly nerds took the time to put clips, channels and SEO talent all together until lately. Now it’s the same thing, if you’re looking for a Southpark clip it’s just still images over the narration or some other lame rendition.

Honestly it’s horrible and not that bad.

It sucks because because anywhere from .99 per apps/channel or closer to 40 for YouTube TV, TV shows are going to be a thing of the past all too soon, or at least it poses the threat for that to happen. With less and less people subscribing to cable and no one wanting to pay for anything they “should be able to find for free somewhere else online”, this isn’t going to fly.

It’s not so bad because it’s getting people to at least expand their horizons, people are more on blogging platforms alot more and it’s connecting them to the rest of the world, keeping them more informed than we ever could’ve been about the other half of the world. Online colleges have taken a huge interest giving people much like myself who couldn’t attend it IRL can still slap some certifications on the old resume and learn it in the time it would take to watch half a season of Friends.

Our entertainment is already heavily focused on our phones what with snapchat and Instagram having “TV” now, most people my age don’t even own one, let alone want to spend thousands more to have Netflix and YouTube on it when they watch IG and Snap for free anyways.

As a creative type I really hope we find a way to combat this to not lose traditional acting and screen writing, as a minimal and spiritualist it’s a blessing in disguise.

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