I’ve been doing a bit of entertainment catch up (think Winston in New Girl when he was in Latvia for 2 years and can’t talk about anything current).

Alright so, I’m jumping on the social media bandwagon. Being in marketing and running online businesses I figured it’s time to get viral.

Well to get viral you have to know what’s viral.

So I’ve been getting with the times. I know at 23 I should be right up in there, but I have never been one to take part in anything that’s trending. Not for hipster reason, I’ve always been a little too old fashioned for my own good (I know technology but that’s a whole other ball game apparently).

So the important news today is

  • People sounding like Siri
  • People being able to memorize stuff

(Its amazing yes but I’m a firm believer anybody can train themselves to do that and that’s how she did it).

  • People hurting themselves usually accidentally
  • Anything to do with looking good

I’m serious people!

Where is people giving our real experiences, real advice?

Contrary, people who are using the media to get famous with their talents aren’t making money anymore.

Think about it, there’s a whole slop of new artists out there a good example is the new rapper Kyle. While his claim to fame was easier than someone like say Wiz Khalifa.

Not to take from Kyles work I use him because he’s my favourite and his work was hard and well deserved, but the problem with coming out as a celebrity on YouTube first is more often than not you’re putting the money into everything.

Maybe you’ve made some great connections and you’ve got good teams for cheap or volunteer, but like okay even film on your amazing LG or something, but there’s still buying apps and software & advertising.

Hashtags and a bit of SEO knowledge can only get you so far.

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