To break it up. SMM is social media marketing.

You see it all the time, your customer are always on their phones. Well unfortunately it’s just the way the day and age is. The same thing happened with the introduction of the radio and television sets.

At least there can be very good reasons people are on their phones now, a surprising number of successful business rely on social media marketing to thrive.

People don’t take risks any more you see, we don’t go anywhere, buy anything, order something if we cant ruin the element of surprise for ourselves. People don’t like not knowing.

They want to know your services, menu product, prices before they even get there. When you consider those of us that don’t drive or have alot of disposable income, it actually comes into be very necessary when planning your day. I’ve honestly turned down going to places that ended up AMAZING because they didn’t have anything I could find online. Its honestly the inspiration behind GotMedia.

So social media marketing is basically advertising on social media? That’s a start, yes. But there is a lot more to it than that.

An effective SMM professional should know the market research on the topic (if their pitching to you make sure they’ve done some research on yours specifically.) Keep in mind if you’re not online, people don’t have anyone to talk about.

This can be good. But its honestly bad. The internet isn’t a place to be feared, now days reviewers are the most depended subconsciously.

To recap SMM is digital marketing and it is absolutley essential to the survival of any business .

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