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Spring Cleaning For Him + Her + Home, Tips-N-Tricks You Maybe Missed

Straightener Nasty? Shaving Not So Smooth?

Stay Looking Your Best, Beauty Products Need ❤ too!

Does your straightener look something like that one? You maybe tempted to toss it, but don’t! Yes its unsightly, beyond that, you don’t even want to touch it any more but its also starting to…suck! You may as well use it cold or not at all. Well I have news for you! Your plates aren’t dead!

Product as well as the natural oils from you hair build up on the plates and outside of your straightener leaving you with YUCK! Maybe by now you’ve realized that its ceramic and you can scrape it off with scissors. While it may be oddly satisfying, its also scratching the surface much like using a dirty straightener over time can.

Cut through the BS with… BS!

There aren’t really quantities, it works out to be almost a 1:1 of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. That’s it, add enough of both to make a paste and use your finger, or a q-tip to rub the paste all over the flat iron and viola! Good As New!

Reclaim Your Razor.

Is rinsing between every few strokes really enough to keep your shave smooth? Not exactly. Much like a flat iron, natural oils from your skin + hair (applies to straight electric one’s too) build up not only on the heads of it, but in between and under the surface as well.

Consult your manual on taking your razor apart, but you may not realize it does that.

Gently brush off hairs with a small bristled brush, all of the parts. Carefully! Use dish soap + hot water to clean the parts, pat and air dry, reassemble. Don’t forget the oil! You should be using the oil that came with it and probably know that, but did you know that is why you should be doing this at least once a month?!

Have you replaced or washed these recently?

  • Your Tooth Brush (every 3 months, if you drop it around your shower or toilet, its a good idea to just get a new one).
  • Your Bedding. Every month if you can, if you’re a night sweater or not, you sweat a little bit in your sleep every night, shed dead skin and hair cells, as well as all of your bodies + hair oils are being rubbed all over your sheets and blanket. It is recommended to wash your bedding every 2 weeks for best defense against acne. Not down with that? Just try to leave it no longer than 2 months between washes.
  • Shower Head & Taps. If you don’t do this regularly, you’re not alone, but its a good idea every couple of months. This is probably the easiest thing to clean. Fill a Ziploc bag (what ever works) with vinegar & use a rubber band (what ever works) to tie the bag around the shower head/ taps in question. If you’ve never done this, leave it on your shower for a couple of hours, then just run your shower for a couple of minutes. If you start working this into your routine, leave it on for 30 minutes – (just make it the first thing you do when you start cleaning, and rinsing the last.)

Stay Clean. Stay Beautiful.

Hire A Service!

All of this really not your forte? Hire your own Monica Gellar! Whether you can afford it regularly or once a year for a deep clean I highly recommend hiring a service. They are thorough and you will definitely have a new outlook on your home, cleaning and maintenance.

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