Why First Aid Training Is Crucial For Everyone.

First Aid & CPR is a certification anyone can obtain for a pretty reasonable cost. Most people it doesn't cross their mind until they see a job posting or get hired somewhere that it is required, however, this should change. An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a lightweight, portable device that monitors and corrects the hearts rythms [...]

Spring Cleaning For Beauty

Spring Cleaning That Keeps You & Hi m healthy, happy & handsome.

What is SEO? Why do I care

Do you keep seeing SEO Everywhere? Probably alot right about now, it's the most trending topic for a reason. But there's no big secret to it. SEO is search engine optimization. To break that down its what is most likely going to come up on Google. SEO is kind of like the market research you [...]

What is SMM and why do I need it?

To break it up. SMM is social media marketing. You see it all the time, your customer are always on their phones. Well unfortunately it's just the way the day and age is. The same thing happened with the introduction of the radio and television sets. At least there can be very good reasons people [...]

People are famous for no reason any more.

I've been doing a bit of entertainment catch up (think Winston in New Girl when he was in Latvia for 2 years and can't talk about anything current). Alright so, I'm jumping on the social media bandwagon. Being in marketing and running online businesses I figured it's time to get viral. Well to get viral [...]

Got junk? Why we just can’t let go of stuff.

People really have a hard time letting go I’ve noticed. How many of you has something that looks like this? Maybe it’s not a junk drawer, it’s old consoles you mean to sell, wrapping paper you save, maybe it’s something you might consider a collection but no one else does. I’ll admit I used to [...]

UHaul Culture, Not Just the Stereotype

Relationships today are moving at an alarming rate, I'll admit to being the worst for this, but it's also given me some insight on the topic. Unfortunately in todays economy and culture, living independently isn't always practical. So it's easy when you meet someone you really click with to just combine forces right off the [...]

Is your place/ water cold? Living condition standards do exist & you should know.

I had alot of issues in the 45 give or take addresses I've lived at. When I moved into the new place that was in salvage of the old place failing to meet conditions, I wasn't so thrilled considering this was the big step up. I've had a few different roles in the rental world. [...]

Netflix & YouTube mass removing favorite content.

"I don't need cable I have internet". That has been the most widely used statement when you as people if they watch TV. For a long time its been pretty valid without a doubt. The internets packed full of anything that's on cable, more often than not with many copies and variations, it's great! But [...]