What I Do

I have a variety of services, packages & options!

The long and short of what I do is Media Marketing [SEO SMM], Content Creation [Graphic + Ad Design], Advertising, Writing Services, Business Re-Branding & Still More!

Bell’s Business Re-Boot & Social Media Marketing & Ad Services is what I specialize in.

My mission is pretty simple; to help businesses make more money & make customers, clients even happier.
With my range of expertise & low rates, its not a hard goal to reach! Most individuals or marketing companies way over charge! The average rate for a simple Facebook post for your small time business or say dentist, for example is $500 PER POST?! Additionally, as soon as you even mention SEO it goes up to $1000?! Well how are you supposed to make any money when it all goes to marketing?

I pride myself in charging fare rates & flexible options for quality, custom service.

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